We are currently looking for a massage therapist to join our team!
If you are interested, please come in and let’s talk, or give us a call at 716-634-0932

Hair Works has a separate, comfortable and quiet massage therapy area to top off your stay at the salon. Massage Therapy provides relief and increases muscular function to many suffering with chronic pain, repetitive stress disorder or those going through rehabilitation due to an injury.

Therapeutic massage has an influence on all of the body’s systems and offers many benefits to those who experience this work.

* We accept cash, personal checks and the following insurances:
HealthNow, Univera, Aqua, Lifestyle, Flexcare and Independent Health’s FlexFit.
(If you’d like to use your insurance benefit, please check with your healthcare provider for details prior to booking an appointment.)

Mini Massage 
30 minute massage $35.00

When time is not a luxury, consider a mini tune-up for your body. Enjoy a 30 minute massage focusing on a specific target area. This is great for bringing relief to the neck, shoulders and low back.

Swedish Massage 
60 minute massage $65.00

Experience a massage of firm or light pressure, with your choice of oil or lotion and full body or focused work treatment. This is great for increasing circulation, relaxation and relieving stress and tension.

Deep Tissue Massage
60 minute massage $75.00

When you are recovering from an injury, dealing with chronic pain or repetitive stress, this treatment will bring you relief. Deep Tissue Massage focuses on certain muscle groups that are involved in a muscular dysfunction or pathology.